Our story is a lot like the harvests we share. It’s rooted in the place we love and has grown
to sustain anyone with a healthy appetite for Maine’s best.

For us, that tale began with a small farm and a big idea: to dig in to discover what the land could teach us about the way food should be. Much of our thirty acres lay under a forest that had grown over a forty-year-old farm.

Clearing trees revealed stone walls that gave shape to the fields where we planted the seeds of Thirty Acre’s future. It blossomed in a big way, with a bounty so large, it begged the question: how to preserve it all?

It was quite a pickle until we realized—that was the answer! That insight inspired our exploration of the lacto-fermentation processes we’ve refined over the past fifteen years.

Today, we’ve added two wildly wonderful sons who share our passion for our ferments and farm. We now grow more than 100,000 pounds of the crops that become the sauerkraut, ruby kraut, kimchi, gingered carrots, hot sauces and sour dill pickles we produce each year. We look forward to continuing to explore the growing world we call home—along with fresh ways to bring the bounty we farm and ferment to you.